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Transforming Lives: The Inspiring Journey of Josephine Ababire

In the vibrant community of Abempingo, just 10 kilometres from the district capital Navrongo, Josephine Ababire, a second-year general arts student at St. John’s Integrated Senior High Technical School, has become a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating the life-changing power of vision care.

Josephine’s journey began in 2022 when the Vision Action team first encountered her during the Community-Based Participatory (CBP) project at her school. Despite missing the initial screening, her headmaster’s keen eye for her needs led to an on-the-spot examination. The results were disheartening: Josephine failed the visual acuity test and was referred for further care. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she couldn’t proceed with the necessary treatments.

Fate intervened once more when the Vision Action team returned to the district for another round of screenings. Josephine, now present and eager for help, was re-evaluated and diagnosed by an optometrist with severe venal conjunctivitis and keratoconus. The prescription of spectacles was her beacon of hope.

Since receiving her spectacles, Josephine’s life has dramatically improved. During a recent field visit to Builsa North Municipal, Vision Action’s MEAL Lead Reina Der, Regional Coordinator, Titus Alzumah, and team member Samuel spotted Josephine waiting for a car. Her new spectacles gleamed in the sunlight, symbolizing her newfound clarity and optimism.

In an emotional conversation, Josephine expressed profound gratitude for the support she received. “Without the assistance, my life would have been extremely tough,” she shared, her eyes bright behind her glasses. “I am very happy to have received the eyeglasses! I love them because I feel like I have a new pair of eyes; I can see clearly anytime I put them on. Before, I had difficulty reading my notes during my private studies. I am grateful to Vision Action for providing me with a second opportunity to receive free eye screenings, which ultimately facilitated the purchase of these glasses. I see better with these glasses, and this time I can read my notes without any difficulty. I no longer need to be very close to the board to see the writing. Thank you Vision Action!”