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Our vision

A world where no one lives in poverty because of poor eyesight and no one lives with poor eyesight because of poverty.

Our strategy & impact

We don’t just have a vision for better. We make it happen. Our 10-year strategy outlines our vision for better and our commitment to the UN Resolution on Vision.

Our team

Our people are at the heart of our organisation. Get to know the skilled team whose commitment to vision action drives positive change every day.


Vision Action works in partnership with a wide range of supporters, partners and funders. As a charity we rely on the generosity of people like you to support our work.

Our history

Founded in 1985, our story began when a group of optometrists discovered how many people couldn't earn a living due to a lack of glasses.

Our funders

Our funders make the work we do possible. With their support, we are creating change and making a difference.

Theory of change

Our Theory of Change outlines the change that Vision Action works to make in the world and how we are working to bring affordable eye care to those who need it.