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Become part of the solution to transforming access to eye care and glasses in Africa. Becoming a member costs so little and affords you so much. For only £52 per year, you can change someone’s life forever. That’s just £1 per week.

We are so grateful for the support and help of our members. find out below what becoming a member really means:

We have rates specific to the countries we work in, for students and trainers, including low income and student rates in the UK.

Become a mentor

Apply to become an ‘International Mentor’ to our pool of International Mentees.

Exclusive offers

Get exclusive access to our members annual meeting and an invitation to a range of international conferences.

Networking opportunity

Receive our quarterly members newsletter dedicated to sharing 
experiences and the latest updates.

To have your say

Take part in focus groups on the latest innovations and challenges in the eye care sector.


Vote in our ‘Your Charity, Your Choice’ campaign which gives members the chance to choose next year’s Christmas appeal.

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