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Dauda and Sheriff

Dauda and Sheriff, two optometry technicians living in Sierra Leone

Dauda and Sheriff are two trained optometry technicians, working in the Bombali District, Sierra Leone.

Both OTs have being struggling quite a lot to see their patients and give them quality service, as they needed to do screening tests in the main regional hospital and then travel for over 2km away to prepare glasses, since the optical workshop was not integrated in the main centre.

Patients had to wait a longer time or were referred to collect their glasses the next day. This discouraged patients to visit the centre because of the time wasted.

To avoid this, Vision Action in partnership with Optometry Giving Sight, supported an optical workshop in the main referral hospital and transferred all equipment and supplies to make the new workshop functional. Dauda and Sheriff are happy that all services are now together in one place, and there’s no need to travel in-between locations to help their patients.

“We can now see our patients quickly and give them the services they need with little or no stress”