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Emebet Teshome

I am Emebet Teshome, an optometrist in Bisidimo General Hospital in the east of Ethiopia.


So, tell me a little bit more about you?
My name is Emebet Teshome. I’ve been married to my husband for three years and have a six-month-old daughter. I graduated from Gondor University four years ago with a degree in optometry. I love playing with kids and listening to music.

Where do you work/study and what is your role/course?
I work as an optometrist in Bisidimo General Hospital. It is in the east of Ethiopia, near Hararghe.

What first attracted you to a profession in eye care?
To get immense satisfaction from helping people, and to work alongside others to achieve a common goal.

What eyecare facilities are there in your home area/where you work?
There is an eye unit in our hospital. Everything, including minor surgery, is done in a single small room. There is no separate room for refraction, but still, we give a service.

What impact will this training have on your work life/studies?
I now have adequate knowledge and have achieved practice in the delivery of paediatric services. The training has also given me the initiative to do more.

What impact will this make to your community?
The problem of URE in children can be addressed. I now know how to create awareness in the community.