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Salome is 3 years old from Addis, Ethiopia

Salome is from Ethiopia, and she attended the Paediatric Clinic in Addis. She is three years old, and she is very bright and lively!

Salome’s dad was concerned about her eyesight, so he decided to take her to the clinic to be seen by an eye health professional. This was her first visit with one of Vision Action trainees – she has had surgery done on her left lid in the past when she was a baby, and her dad wanted to make sure she can see clearly.

Before this visit, she was too young to have her vision checked, but this time she managed to name the pictures on the chart. She also had some drops for her eyes to enable her to be screened, this helped to find out if she needed glasses. Her dad was very relieved to know that her vision is great, and she doesn’t need prescription glasses!

Specialising in Paediatric Optometry is highly important, and it requires having additional training and education working with children, performing kid-friendly eye exams and testing, and recognizing and treating child-specific eye conditions. By successfully covering Paediatric Optometry we make sure the future of Ethiopia can learn in schools without struggling to see, as well as enjoying their playtime as they deserve.