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Building Big Dreams

Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor eye health. If we work towards removing the difficulties faced by individuals with vision loss, economic opportunities can increase, and the quality of life of many people will be improved.

Providing access to eye care services helps reduce poverty and hunger, and increases economic opportunities and employment. This is why PALA and Vision Action are committed to improve the eye health system in Sierra Leone where basic services are not covered by supporting a Vision Centre.

Why are Vision Centres necessary?

  • They serve as a walk-in eye service
  • To supply a refractive service by providing screenings and prescribed glasses
  • It’s a location for eye care workers to work consistently
  • It is accessible, affordable, and sustainable
  • They allow local communities to work alongside existing healthcare facilities and systems
  • It’s a hub for community eye care development

With your help today we can make sure a remote area in Sierra Leone is covered with much needed, adequate, affordable and accessible eye care supporting their local community.

You can donate now by following this link Supporting a Vision Centre means that we are #BuildingBigDreams together for better eye health in Sierra Leone!