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Vision for a village

Many people do not get the eye care they need, especially those living in hard-to-reach, rural areas. For people living in remote areas, it can take hours or even days to reach a hospital. Communities in remote regions often lack knowledge about eye health, including the vital role that glasses play and the importance of diagnosing eye issues early. Without access to eye care, eye health can deteriorate and even lead to blindness. The problem of poor eyesight causes many parents to struggle to find work and leaves many children struggling to learn.

This is the challenge we are solving through Vision for a Village. Our ground-breaking outreach service is changing lives by providing transport and portable eye care equipment to ensure that trained eye health professionals can visit remote communities and deliver the support that people with visual impairment need. Through Vision for a Village, we make sure that no-one is left behind and that people who need it have access to eyecare.