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Vision Action Joins IAPB to Call on Millions to Love Your Eyes

Today is World Sight Day, and we’re focussing the world’s attention on the importance of eye care. Celebrated under the #LoveYourEyes campaign, World Sight Day marks a moment where everyone is reminded to prioritize their eye health.

The Love Your Eyes campaign encourages individuals to take care of their eye health and draws attention to the over a billion people worldwide who have avoidable vision loss and no access to eye care services.

World Sight Day 2023, coordinated by IAPB, aims to raise awareness of eye health, particularly in the workplace. Encouraging employers and employees worldwide to prioritize clear, healthy vision.

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to pledge to #LoveYourEyes during the whole month of October.

This year, Vision Action is joining World Sight Day and #LoveYourEyes organisers, the IAPB to challenge 10 million people globally to pledge to have their sight checked before World Sight Day.

The focus of this year’s campaign is to encourage workplaces to have the vision of the employees checked. Because clear, healthy vision improves productivity, prevents workplace injury and improves employee wellbeing.

James Riggs, Vision Action CEO, said, “The #LoveYourEyes campaign calls on decision-makers to look at eye health as part of the big picture in terms of its impact on economic growth, the health and wellbeing of citizens and the impact inaccessible eye care has on a child’s development and education potential.”

Peter Holland, CEO of IAPB, added, “World Sight Day has grown into an incredibly important date on the international calendar, and is a true reflection of how when people work together, we can achieve remarkable things.

“This year, we have shifted our focus to the workplace. Prioritizing employee eye health cannot be underestimated because healthy vision allows people to perform better, safer and maintain their employment. I encourage all workplaces to check the vision health of their workforce this October.”

Everyone is invited to join the campaign.

Visit to learn you can #LoveYourEyes and encourage others to do the same.